Special products

Imprinted films

All products are also available in a printed version by flexographic or ink jet printing (inline printing).

Possible is also continuous printing (one side, one color).

Maximum plate size, multi-color printing, two-sided printing and possible reports on request.


Colored films

On inquiry our film products can be obtained in all available colors. Color concentrates are used from the company Schulman.

All tubular films manufactured by us are approved for food packaging.


Further products

On customer request we produce further products:

EVA films (LDPE with ethylene vinyl acetate)

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomers)

Films are equipped with additives for UV stabilization and UV protection of the packaged goods. However, these films are not, or only partially approved for food packaging.

Antistatic films and films equipped with flame retardants.